Kids Farm Brochure
Our approach is to take children on a journey, where they will discover both the world and themselves, and will use their natural creativity and inquisitiveness to develop their full potential for the future.

Our method is based on drama teaching & theatrical semiotics, situational learning and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) in order to develop the emotional intelligence of the children. 
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We give children the possibility to choose their direction which makes them enthusiastic and self-confident in this process.

"Learning should not be viewed as simply the transmission of abstract and decontextualised knowledge from one individual to another, but a social process whereby knowledge is co-constructed; they suggest that such learning is situated in a specific context and embedded within a particular social and physical environment." by Lave and Wenger
Pedagogical Objectives:

Together with development of some physical skills, like linguistic & motor skills, and thus gaining self-confidence and independence, the target of each activity is to prepare the child for the future by developing essential life skills:

Creating the Foundation
by identifying, developing and cultivating potentials and talents that can be used in the future

Developing Emotional Intelligence
to be able to cope successfully in different situations and environments

Enriching Experience
by familiarizing children with new things outside daily routine, including visiting new places and doing new activities, thus feeding kids`inquisitive minds

Enjoying Learning
through the play with other children, effortlessly acquiring new knowledge as well as communication and teamwork skills 

Streamlining Energy and Having Fun!